Aue Symposium 2024: Generative AI – Between enthusiasm, skepticism and a levelheaded perspective

Under this year’s title Culture – Archive of the Future: Generative AI – Between enthusiasm, skepticism and a levelheaded perspective, Geraldine de Bastion (Konnektiv), Jana Pejoska (Aalto University) and Noah Bubenhofer (University of Zurich) will discuss the social dimensions of our interaction with (modern) technologies, especially AI. The discussion will once again center the comparison between Finland and German-speaking Europe. All events of the symposium will be moderated by Ruth Fulterer (NZZ).

The discussions continue the tradition of earlier symposiums in this series: We are once again aiming to dive beneath the surface of popular knowledge about the respective countries and cultures. The spectrum of questions is broad: How do societal values influence the ways in which technologies are employed and discussed in each country? What role do marginalized groups play in this constellation, also in a global context? Has technological innovation not always been an integral part of our life? How does the relationship between human and machine change as AI becomes more and more sophisticated? And finally, how do different generations view the current and future developments in this area? However, we also want to focus on tangible regulatory and political approaches. How might comparatively small states with few natural resources be able to use modern technologies to strengthen their economies? How do they promote both an open and critical approach to technology in the education sector? And what role do unions of states like the EU play in the development of national strategies?

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1. October 2024, 17.00

Keynote speech: Geraldine de Bastion (Konnektiv)

Swiss Embassy in Helsinki, Kalliolinnantie 16 A

Following the event, the Swiss Embassy in Helsinki cordially invites you to a small reception.

Please register to the event by the 23rd of September here.


20. November 2024, 18.00

Keynote speech: Jana Pejoska (Aalto University, Finland)

University of Zürich, Kleine Aula (Small auditorium)

Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zurich

Please register to the event by the 6th of November here.

The events will be held in English. Participation is open to everyone and free of charge.

Culture – Archive of the Future is a conference series that aims to both intensify the dialogue and promote mutual understanding of the cultural relationships between Finland and German-speaking Europe.

About the speakers:

Geraldine de Bastion

(Photograph: @linuspetit)

Geraldine co-founded Konnektiv in 2013 and serves as its CEO, leading its consultancy department focused on digital transformation, sustainability, and innovation. An experienced moderator and speaker, she has appeared at prestigious forums like re:publica and TedX, and authored the ARTE documentary “Digital Africa”. Geraldine is also the founder and executive board director of the Global Innovation Gathering network. With a background in political sciences, she works extensively with diverse global stakeholders in technology and human rights. Additionally, she holds influential roles on several advisory boards, emphasizing her commitment to civic and digital innovation.

Jana Pejoska

Jana Pejoska is an Experience Design Strategist at the IT Services Development department at Aalto University in Finland. She specializes in design, technology, and the social aspects of human-computer interaction. Jana has held various creative and academic positions. In her doctoral research and academic projects at Aalto University’s MediaLab, Jana used the Research Through Design approach in investigating technology-mediated experiences. The Helsinki University School of Educational Sciences and the MIT MediaLab in the US have also employed her. Jana is invested in creating meaningful experiences that reform the way people engage with communication and collaboration technology. She is passionate about working on cultivating new horizons that challenge the status quo and inspire change.

Noah Bubenhofer

Noah Bubenhofer is Professor of Linguistics at the Department of German Studies at the University of Zurich. His research areas are semantics and pragmatics in culture and society. Among others, he advances methods of digital linguistics and uses them to investigate discourses and linguistic practices. Noah Bubenhofer is also concerned with the theorization of “digital linguistics” and researches digital communication and changes in society through artificial intelligence. For empirical analyses, Noah Bubenhofer applies methods of automatic text analysis and also works with large language models.

Ruth Fulterer

(Photograph: Rafael Heygster)

Ruth Fulterer was born in Bolzano, Italy, in 1992 and studied economics and philosophy in Vienna and New Orleans. Her journalistic career began with an internship at a local business newspaper, followed by internships at Süddeutsche Zeitung, ZEIT and the business magazine brand eins. She has been writing for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung since 2020, covering artificial intelligence and other topics at the interface of technology and society.

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