The Aue Foundation is a private independent foundation, founded in 1985 by Theodor and Ulla Aue. Theodor Aue was a Finnish businessman, whose parents came from Germany. As a true European and cosmopolite, he wanted to promote the Europeanism that had been introduced to him at a young age by the German language and culture. His credo “taking responsibility for the future from a historical past and promoting the diversity and understanding of free and democratic Europe, independent from nation-state-thinking” obliges the Aue Foundation to protect and defend the “Miracle of Europe”.

The Aue Foundation promotes awareness of the culture of German-speaking Europe and the interaction of its science and art in Finland and more broadly throughout the Baltic Sea region. The Foundation contributes to strengthening the credibility of our continent as a responsible pioneer of sustainable development and a defender of the values ​​of liberal democracy.

We accomplish these goals through

  • investing in measures to revitalize German language skills of Finns
  • rewarding distinguished individuals or organizations that have contributed to our goals
  • organizing seminars, symposia and other events either alone or with suitable partners
  • research and publication activities, either alone or in cooperation with appropriate partners; and
  • communicating effectively with our motto: “Out of Passion for Our Europe and the German Language”

For more information in English, please contact

Ms. Johanna Hovilainen


Munkkiniemen Puistotie 18 B 47
FIN-00330 Helsinki